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4:09 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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Horse Cruelty Case Update:
September 22, 2014

Cruelty case horses?



We can not thank you all enough for all the support, kind words of encouragement, financial help and volunteering, with this case that has been months coming to fruition. But we are done. Every single one of the horses taken in the cruelty case are now safe!

Many court appearances, many delays, many attempts by the owner to get them back, all resulted in her ultimately having to surrender them, or the town judges ruling that they be forfeited.

There is absolutely NOTHING worse in the world to us than fighting a battle to save lives, restoring health and vigor to confiscated horses, and then seeing them go back to the people that treated them so cruelly. Thankfully these horses are thriving, loving life, and getting adopted now into loving homes!

Their days of horror are forever behind them and we are thrilled to be the force behind that. Abuse or neglect a horse in our neck of the woods and you WILL have a fight on your hands. We can never stop fighting for them and protecting them.

Thank you for your help and for your faith in us!

Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.
They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope! ~Toni Robinson

Adoptions, adoptions, adoptions and yes - more adoptions!
We are very excited to tell you that this past month we have had not, not, not three, but yes FOUR of our horses were adopted! What a truly amazing month. All of them found wonderful homes. Two of them were ridable horses and two were not. As you may know horses can be difficult to adopt. They can be expensive, they are large, not everyone has the property to house them, not many can commit to so many years (horses can live to be in their late 30's or 40's!), and the financial burden can be high to properly care for them. So combine all of that with our steadfast commitment to making sure that every one gets a super home, it can be a long process to take a horse in and ultimately get them placed. But this month we shattered records! Two of them were horses from the recent cruelty case too!

Vivian: The first adoption this month was Vivian. Vivian was a former racehorse (known then as Whitesand Survivor) but unfortunately when her career ended due to a serious injury, she found herself in the clutches of someone who didn't seem to understand or care much about feeding or caring for his horses. We got a call about some starving and emaciated horses, went there and found Vivian and her companions in dire shape (this is how she was when she first came to us - see picture right). All horses were confiscated, cruelty charges were filed, and Vivian has lived with us ever since - a definite staff and volunteer favorite.

But when Lynda got a call this month from Barbara who was looking for a nice companion mare, Lynda immediately knew Vivian would be a perfect match. Barbara had two mares, but had lost one and her surviving horse was not doing well alone. Yes, horses can and do suffer depression over the loss of their companions. Lynda is a wizard at matching people to horses, (and horses to horses!) and once again she wasn't wrong.

Within 24 hours, Vivian and her new friend were so close they would munch on the same blades of grass together! Vivian is such a kind and gentle soul, and has been through so much - we are really happy that she has a home with huge green pastures, a lovely barn with huge stalls, and a new friend that she instantly bonded with and is galloping and playing with.

Barbara sent us this email later that week:
"I want you to know we just love Vivian! She was the best thing for our Brit. She is so sweet just what the doctor ordered. You do know your horses. Thank you so much you have made us very happy". ~ Barbara

Congratulations Vivian. We miss you so much but we are so happy knowing how wonderful your life is now and how happy you have made a new family, and another horse. What a long way you have come.

I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes.
Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free. ~Author Unknown

Bonnie was one of the horses that came to us from the recent cruelty case. She was in such bad shape (see picture on far right when she first arrived) that she was one that the vets were not sure would survive. But survive she did and as she put on weight it was clear to see how absolutely gorgeous this horse truly was! But Bonnie suffered severe neglect and as a result would never be a ridable horse. She had previously foundered and has very bad rotations in both her feet as a result. Sad news for this beautiful girl, but then we got a call! Our veterinarian, Jen from Pine Bush Equine had the sad job of putting down a pony that had gotten injured in a storm. The owners were devastated, and it also left their mare living completely alone. These caring people knew that wasn't ok and even in the midst of their own grief, reached out to Equine Rescue Inc, at Dr. Jen's recommendation, and asked if we had a suitable match for their elderly mare. Once again Lynda worked her magic and after hearing their story, visiting with them and meeting their current mare - she knew Bonnie would be the perfect companion. Good luck Bonnie! We love you!

When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you
look at him and feel a tingle down your know you are loved. ~John Lyons

Stormy was one of seven Newfoundland's that we took here from another cruelty case back in 2007. She is 14 years old now and has been with us a long time. We absolutely love this little girl and she was always a go-to for our volunteers. She was adopted once before, but that adoption didn't work out and so she came back to us. Well, we are happy to say that our girl has FINALLY found her home! Stormy now lives with a family at their home and she has two other mares that she lives with that she can boss around. She has her own little boy! This girl is just a show horse through and through. She hates trail riding and she loves the ring. Our volunteers took her to many shows and you'd see her immediately start showing off for the judges. The show ring, the ribbons, the attention - that's what this little diva has always wanted and now she has a family that will take her all the way! Congratulations Stormy!

The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity.
A willing servant, yet never a slave. ~Ronald Duncan

Winthrop was also one of the horses that also came from the recent cruelty case. An older horse, he was one of the ones in the most serious condition and like Bonnie, it was touch and go if he would make it. But once again, at Lynda's amazing "Casa Equine Recuperation and Spa" he did wonderfully. Here are the before and after pictures. This week Winthrop also leaves for his forever home. Even though he is older and suffered great neglect, this boy has made a remarkable and full recovery and still enjoys going out for a light ride. Of course his trot is so slow that it takes him about 20 minutes just to round the barn, but he's still got it, and he's still willing to use it! He goes to live with one of our longtime friends and supporters and we are very pleased for this gentle boy.

Good luck to all our adoptees this month. We cry to see you come in. We cry to see you leave. One set are tears of grief, sorrow and apology for what man (or woman) has done to you...and the other is of happiness, joy and gratitude for what other men and woman have given to you. Run free across those pastures and know that you are truly loved.

Did you know:
  • Did you know Equine Rescue Inc. goes through 110 bales of hay every single week? That makes for a lot of hay loading and about $2200 in cost each month for just the hay. We are always looking for help on hay loading day. Think you can spar about an hour on 9/27 to help us put up the hay? Please come by!

  • Did you know that we are planning a fund raising trail ride? Should be fun, fun, fun!! We are looking for volunteers to help us on the day of the event, tentatively planned for October 19. Can you volunteer that day to man a table, help with parking, registration and/or other jobs that need doing? If so please email us at We can't put on this event without some volunteer help! Please step up, we need you!

  • Did you know that earlier this year, Lynda made a video tour of Equine Rescue? Wonder what it all looks like and how it's all set up? Check it out!

  • Did you know we are also looking for volunteers to man booths and tables for us at events? We have been invited to the Pet Carnival on Sept. 28th from 1-3pm in the Plattekill Area (hosted by a Girl Scout Troop for Community Service). Can anyone volunteer to man our tent? If so please email us at above email address.

  • Equine Rescue Inc is looking for a volunteer volunteer coordinator. That means you're a volunteer (we don't have paid staff) but that you would handle all volunteer activities, organizing, record keeping etc. We are looking for an energetic and passionate person and you'd also have to have good people skills! Got what it takes? Email us at!

To see the wind's power, the rain's cleansing
and the sun's radiant life, one need only to look at the horse. ~Author Unknown

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Some of our horses are old and broken, but we never give up on them.
Every one of them is given everything we have to make them whole again.THIS is the magic we work.

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