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3:46 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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The Miraculous Story of Smokey�
February 07, 2014

In early August we received a frightening call. For the past six months a horse had been living in a field somewhere in Bloomingburg. He never appeared to have any hay or feed, and over the past six moths, the caller informed us, he had become more and more emaciated. Could we help?

We immediately called the Sheriff's Animal Cruelty officers and also contacted our veterinarian and asked them both to meet us out there.

It was bad. Very bad. In addition to the horse, that was down, there were also two starving donkeys in the back. When we arrived,we knew these animals needed immediate attention. With no time to get court orders, or obtain legal custody, we managed to convince the owner to surrender all three of the animals to us. But that wasn't the end of it. The horse, Smokey, was so emaciated and sick he couldn't stand on his own. The donkeys and Smokey were all covered with bed sores and scars. What a horrible situation. It hurts us every time we see this. But our motto is not "WE WORK MAGIC" for nothing.We were able to somehow get all three back to our sanctuary.

After 12 days of good solid food and care, Smokey still wasn't able to stand. On closer examination, we noticed that one of the reasons was likely because he had two holes in soles of his front feet. The starvation wasn't the only thing preventing him from standing, these injuries were too. With our vet and our farrier working closely together, Smokey was treated and fitted with special shoes.It was a tough procedure as we had to physically all hold him up in order for him to get his feet treated.

But miracles do happen.

There was not a dry eye in the place when Smokey suddenly took his weight on his own, stood up, and not only started to walk, but ran out the barn door and started cantering across the field! We couldn't believe it. All he needed was some love and care, and since that's what we're best at - he got it.

It took many months of that care, a great deal of medical attention, special diets and proper nutrition, consistent deworming, and special shoes to get Smokey on this road to recovery. Mainly what he needed was what we call "groceries". He just needed to "eat".
(Picture to the right is when Smokey first arrived and couldn't stand).

As Smokey continued on his path to recovery, an emaciated, flea bitten, sore & scar-covered horse turned out to be a hauntingly beautiful, snow white, very collected, jumper! The transformation was almost unbelievable. This was a beautiful and gentle soul, with amazing talent, excellent conformation, and a gentle and kind nature.

Lynda, the director of Equine Rescue, loves and cares for each of the horses here, but she stopped riding more than 12 years ago. Yet Smokey spoke to her. And one day, she just decided that this horse that had gotten into her heart - would be the one that she would once again form a connection with.

It was a beautiful ride. Smokey, a horse who had been through so much, and our director who has seen the worst - were in perfect synch. Riding across the arena like they had been riding together forever.

The sanctuary can not help more horses though, unless the ones we have here can be adopted out, and soon Smokey had a great deal of interest. We let our horses choose their new owners, and eventually Smokey fell in love with a 17 year old girl. Her horse had been very ill and she was looking for someone to soothe her aching heart and become her new partner.

When she first came into the barn, and saw Smokey, she grabbed his head, pulled him into her and hugged him deeply. Smokey stood perfectly still and then gave a long and contented sigh. Smokey had found his person, and his person had found him.

After that they were inseparable and now Justine and Smokey are winning ribbons in all the horse shows!



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