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4:17 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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URGENT Cruelty Case Your Assistance Needed!
March 29, 2014

URGENT - Cruelty Case - Your Assistance Needed!

We got an urgent call this week. Emaciated horses. Some already dead in a field. Could we help?
We immediately contacted Animal Law Enforcement and asked for their assistance to go in and evaluate the situation.

When they did, it was bad. VERY, VERY bad.

Indeed there were horses already dead on the property and the other 30-40 horses looked awful. We weren't even sure they would all make it through the night.

Pending further legal action, we were only permitted to take the worst of the worst - the horses we didn't think would survive the night. It was a very difficult task to wander amongst the starving and sick horses with the vet, and try to determine which were the worst off and which needed to leave the property right now.

Hopefully we will be able to give you more details soon, but for now, until the legal actions are worked out, we can not give out more details. We can only tell you that this is a very bad situation, with very many horses at risk.

Truly, we wanted to take every single horse off that property and back to our farm with us, but in the end we were only allowed five. Five horses, that it was feared may not make it through the night. We did what we could for the others, looked each one in the eyes, held and pet every one of them and told them we WILL BE BACK. That we would NOT give up, or forget, and we WOULD be back for them.

This is the hardest part of running a rescue and a sanctuary. It isn't the ones that come to us broken. Those are hard enough. It's the ones we are forced to leave behind until the wheels of the legal system can roll and roll and finally grant legal authority for confiscation. All we can do is keep our word to each and every one, and never give up, and continue to fight and make sure that those wheels DO keep turning until we have them all safe.

But with 30-40 horses already at our sanctuary at any given time, it is a massive undertaking to be able to help even five more. Horses are expensive. They are expensive to keep and feed each month, they are expensive to shoe and vet and medicate. We need you. We desperately need you now. Please offer your financial support. Please help us to keep our promise to them and please help us to continue to help the rest that we were forced to leave behind.

This little black horse is just a baby. Just seven months old. No seven month old horse should look like this. He should be filled with vim and vigor. He should be mischievous and a trouble-maker and all full of himself! With YOUR HELP we will make him that way again, and offer him the life he should have. This baby WILL frolic, and be care free, and our promise to you is to keep you posted on our twitter and FaceBook page in regards to all their progress. You'll see that spark of life in his eyes again and we'll share with you the trouble he will get himself into on our farm as as he pesters the older horses. :)

I know that the pictures on this page are tough to look at, and there are actually worse ones that we will post to our website/facebook page for those that do wish to see them, to see what we are dealing with, but you can trust in us that at least for every one that has made it into our care - they will flourish and we will care for, hold, comfort, and FEED them...until that dead look in their eyes fades and they run across a grassy green field again, bucking and throwing back their heads.

As you continue to read this email and get to the bottom, you'll see happy pictures already. Better. Safer. Cared for. Because that is why we are here. To help them.

They are getting fed five times a day, and we are going over and caring for their scars, wounds and other medical issues. They all need to be brushed and bathed and detangled, but there is time for that when we have tended to their biggest and most important needs.

So how can you help?

Right now that is what we need MOST. We were already in a tight financial spot, but we could NOT turn our backs on these horses. Please don't turn yours. If you can not donate financially, then please consider something from our WishList, or if you own a business, perhaps your business can support us, or donate an item for a future auction or raffle.

We understand times are tight for everyone, but there are so few places around that can help horses and the few that there are like us, well, we are often all filled to capacity.

But when something like this falls on our doorstep, how could we ever turn our back and say no?
Please help us to not have to.
We appreciate ANY support you can give us.
Everything matters.

Some of our horses may be old, sick, or broken, but we never give up on them.

Every one of them is given everything we have to make them whole again.THIS is the magic we work.

Please consider helping us.

Make a donation, or if you can spare a small amount every month, PLEASE consider becoming a monthly sponsor. Without your support, we can not go on. We are facing very hard times right now and are at a crossroads. We NEED you. Please look at the pictures of the horses on this page, and know that every dime you donate to us goes to them. None of us take salaries and every dollar goes to the horses.

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