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3:37 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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Update: Happy Horses!
May 01, 2014

Update: Happy Horses!

The first thing we want to do in this email is to

Many of you made donations to help us after our last email, and frankly, we really didn't know what we would do if you hadn't come through for us...and for them. So thank you for caring. Thank you for valuing these lives and for guaranteeing them a safe and warm place - where they will be cared for, loved and fed every day.

YOU made the difference for them. Without your support we could never have stepped in. So when we say thank you - we truly mean it. We are very grateful to everyone that made a donation, or showed up to volunteer and help.

If you would like to volunteer to help groom horses, clean water buckets, or muck stalls, please attend our volunteer orientation, held every Saturday at 10 a.m. New volunteers can only volunteer on Saturday's but once we get to know you, and you us, we could really use help during the week too.

Some days it is just one or two of us caring for all these horses, and we'd love a helping hand. So come on down, let us get to know you and help us to ease the work load if you can! Or....just come and love on some horses. They will benefit from it, and so will you!

Nothing fills your heart up like a
velvet nose and a nicker!


It took three long and agonizing weeks after the first five horses were removed to get all the rest of the horses out, but in the end, good always triumphs over evil and a judge signed a warrant ordering the seizure of ALL the remaining horses! FOUR more came to Equine Rescue, Inc and this little guy, called Scout, and his mama Frost (below) were two of them. Below them is also a picture of Harry and Winthrop who also came to us from this same case. So far all are doing well, and the original five have also survived and are starting to thrive. We have absolutely no more room at this point, so if you know anyone looking to adopt a horse, please send them our way!

All the new horses are doing well so far, and they all seem to have breathed a great sigh of relief and joy. When horses like this first arrive, it always breaks our heart to see how they will gobble food, and be so desperate and fearful of losing it. It is both a happy feeling to be able to give them this health and nutrition, and it also hurts the heart to know what they've gone through that makes them act so grateful for any morsel of food or attention.

The end result though is that dead look in their eye changes to one of curiosity and affection. Those dull coats fill in and start to shine, and those weary and boney bodies fill out as each one flourishes. It is absolutely the most rewarding thing in the world to see a horse that could once barely stand...take off across a field bucking and kicking with joyful abandon.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Thank you for whatever help you give us, be it financial, volunteering, or offering kind words on our FaceBook page. We appreciate it all.

Did you know:

  • Did you know that there is no paid staff and administrative overhead at Equine Rescue? That's right. NO ONE takes any kind of formal salary. We all donate all our time, energy and compassion to make sure that every single dollar of your donations go directly to helping horses.

  • Did you know about our upcoming Groom-A-Thon Fundraiser for Equine-Rescue Inc? Yep! May 2, 2014 GROOMERS NEEDED! NO EXPERIENCE necessary. Find out more here.

  • Did you know that the original part of our barn was built in 1849!
    Updates and improvements have been made through the years - the most recent being in 2012.


For those interested in donating supplies or equipment, we can always use the following items:
(Please note you can order most of these items right from our Amazon WishList and they will ship directly to us!)


Lead ropes

Water buckets


Fly spray - Tritec 14

Strongid pellets - (2cx)


Mineral blocks
Salt blocks


Medical supplies

33 gal. garbage bags

13 gal. garbage bags




Antibacterial dish soap

Dish sponges w/scrubby side

Toilet brushes

Toilet paper

Laundry soap

Dryer sheets

Light bulbs

Paper towels

If you are a regular at Heritage Feed and Supply in Bullville - we use Triple Crown Senior, Safe Choice Original pellets, Vitality 10% sweet feed, Nutrena Hay Extender pellets, Bran, Finish Line HA and Source Original dry meal.

Any donations may be dropped off at our farm on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 2 pm. If you would like to come during the week - please give us call at (845) 733-6085.

Social Media:

We've been working hard to increase our following on social media, and have so far have built it to 2000 "fans" on FaceBook. If you aren't following us, would you please consider doing so? You can find our FaceBook page here.

Facebook's new policies are such that even if you LIKE our page, they only show 16% of our followers our posts. Ugh. How is a non-profit to survive if we can't even get some updates and pics to our fans? It's tough. FaceBook has told us that if you LIKE and COMMENT on our posts, they will show you more of them. Well. OK. We'll try to play nice with others. So ...can you LIKE and COMMENT? :) Thanks! We are also on twitter if you're a TWEETER! You can follow us here.

Thank you for any donation that you can make. If you can spare a small amount every month, PLEASE consider becoming a monthly sponsor (see bottom of page for links). We are grateful for every contribution and will always do our best to use every penny wisely.

If you own a business please consider a donation for one of our upcoming events. We are looking for donations to auction off or give away as door prizes. Please contact us if you have something that could be donated. If you can't donate right now, then please just support our social media and LIKE and FRIEND us! Thank you!


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