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3:48 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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Update: Then….and NOW!
July 16, 2014

Update: Then....and NOW!

With just a little over 90 days in our care the transformation of the "cruelty case horses" has been what many people are calling miraculous. To us, this is what we do, and who we are...and why organizations like ours are so needed. We are so pleased to see how well they are all doing. It was touch and go in the beginning with many people (including veterinarians), not even sure these horses would all survive. But survive they did and better than that, they have all thrived. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures here and then smile...because this is worth smiling about.

It was really great to be able to get these horses away from a place where they were in a dire situation and offer them sanctuary, rehabilitation, and a better chance at a wonderful life. We appreciate all the hard work law enforcement and animal cruelty officers have done to make this possible, and we appreciate your donations that have helped us to do what we needed to do.



It has been an expensive venture to vet, care for, feed and medicate all these horses - especially when we technically did not even own them, but as that old spanish proverb goes: "A horse is worth more than riches." And what we have gotten back from these noble and beautiful creatures is worth more than any amount we could spend.

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Nickers as we approach their paddock. Horses that see us and come running across fields to say hello. We've watched as the shyest now rub their heads against us, and we've seen the frightened sleep on the ground without a care in the world. We've seen ribs fill in, and hair grow back, and we've seen their wounds heal. There isn't a price that can be put on any of these things and we are glad to be a part of their healing. Thank YOU for being a part of it too.


One of the cases (remember that there are two separate cases in two separate counties against this woman) went before the judge this week. This was after six separate visits to the court room and six separate delays. The results are that Connie Dirago officially surrendered six of the horses. The others - according to her - have owners and she was only boarding them. These owners replique montre rolex will now be contacted by UCSPCA. If they pay for the rehab/board (about $1000-1500 per horse), they will get their horses back. If not, ownership is forfeited to UCSPCA and the horses can then find new homes. She also pled guilty to 3 of the 27 charges and was fined $410. She was ordered not to own or care for any equines for one year. Any place that the "owner" horses go to live has to be approved by UCSPCA before they leave, and they will be monitored, monthly, by UCSPCA for one year.

The laws in the State of New York need to be changed. Currently, horses are considered livestock. Same as cows, goats, pigs, etc. As we all know - horses have different needs and usually have a working career. Maybe, if they could be re-classified - the laws could be strengthened for our equine friends and law enforcement would have stronger legs to stand on. This was a tough case. We are not completely disappointed with the outcome. The most fragile are safe. Hopefully, for the others - their owners will come forward, learn from this experience, and find better caretakers for them going forward.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with
the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ~Sharon Ralls Lemon
Did you know:

    • Did you know that the average horse costs about $450-550 a month? That includes hay, feed, dentals, annual shots, deworming, fly assistance, and farrier care. It doesn't include grooming supplies, fly masks, tack, blankets, sheets, and everything else that goes with a horse! That also doesn't include the hours a day you will spend cleaning, feeding, grooming, tending and caring for pasture maintenance, and manure care and disposal! Horses are expensive (and time consuming) to care for properly. If you are boarding your horse, you're probably looking at a minimum of $850-1200 a month in boarding fees. Make sure you think about this very carefully before jumping in.


    • Did you know that in the past few years, Equine Rescue has housed between 35-41 horses at any given time? That's a LOT of mouths to feed and a lot of mucking to tend to! The average horse eliminates 10-12 times a day so we're very busy around here keeping things clean, the horses properly cared for, and the water troughs cleaned and filled. A horse drinks as many as 12-15 gallons of water a day, and it requires a lot of man hours to make sure they are all cared for and tended properly.


  • Did you know you can buy wine with images of our horses as the labels, and that part of the proceeds goes to us? Yep. You're welcome. We're really helpful this way. Horses, wine, donation to us....seriously, could it GET any better? Find out more or buy wine here.

The daughter who won't lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off
in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out a stable. ~Samantha Armstrong


Equine Rescue Inc horses = Show horses?

Why yes. Why yes they are!

This week, volunteers Patty K., Kati O. & Colleen O, took two of our horses, Storm and Lydia, to the Seven Meadows Schooling Show. Lydia even won a bunch of ribbons in the walk, trot and the walk, trot, canter classes. This was a great accomplishment for Lydia as it was her first time in a show and the first time in a ring with many other horses.

Check out this video of Lydia's VERY first time in an indoor arena and doing schooling jumps! GO LYDIA!

And this is the video of Storm in his debut!

WE ARE SO PROUD! Both these beautiful horses are available for adoption too.

An Hibernian sage once wrote that there are three things a man never forgets:
The girl of his early youth, a devoted teacher, and a great horse. ~C.J.J. Mullen

Online Store:

Thank you to our friend CoCo Beans who made us a new logo. It is working very well for us and we appreciate her donation of this image and also the design of our bookmark, and a donation of tons of ERI buttons!


THIS WEEK ONLY - anyone donating $15 or more
will be sent a FREE bookmark to show our appreciation!

Also be sure to check out our online store. A percentage of every sale is given to Equine Rescue, Inc and it's also helpful for our supporters to wear and show off our merchandise. This raises awareness and generates questions about us, giving you the opportunity to educate others about horses in need and about our organization! Thank you for your support!

A horse doesn't care how much you know,
until he knows how much you care. ~Pat Parelli


Our volunteer program has really picked up recently with volunteers attending orientations that we hold on Saturday's at 10am. If you'd like to be a volunteer, please attend an orientation (any Saturday at 10) and learn the ropes! Once we know you and you're here regularly you can ask to start coming during the week as well. We really could use the help and the horses would love the extra interaction you can provide!

There are many things you can do here. Mucking stalls and paddocks, cleaning out feed buckets, scrubbing down and bleaching water troughs, mowing, repairs, painting, sweeping, brushing, raking, cleaning grooming supplies etc. If you can't come onsite, then there are things you can do OFFSITE! Right now we are looking for someone to help us put tassles on bookmarks, help us get all our horses up on petfinder and adopt-a-pet. If you can help, please contact us!

We love all our volunteers, adult, youth and child! Ultimately we'd love to have dedicated volunteers that would commit to coming on a regular day/time so we could count on that help every week. To be able to depend on extra hands would great!

We are grateful for your support:

Thank you for any donation that you can make. We are grateful for every contribution and will always do our best to use every penny wisely. We are giving away a FREE Equine Rescue bookmark this week for any donations over $15!

If you own a business please consider a donation for one of our upcoming events. We are looking for donations to auction off or give away as door prizes. Please contact us if you have something that could be donated. If you can't donate right now, then please just support our social media and LIKE and FRIEND us! Thank you!