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10:32 pm | Friday | February 22, 2019  
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Holiday Thank You
December 20, 2014

Equine Rescue Holiday Thank You

As the year draws to a close, all of us here at Equine Rescue reflect back on all the lives that have come through here.The abuse or cruelty cases. The ones down on their luck. Those that fell upon misfortune, bad times or hunger - through no fault of their own. We picked each one up. We healed their wounds, we filled their bellies, we found them homes and we showed them love.

Every one that came through our doors were saved, because you cared enough to help them and to help us. You cared. You opened your pocketbooks, you attended our events, you sent us cards replicas de relojes espaņa and letters that helped buoy our spirits, and helped to keep us going. Thank you for the support. Thank you for recognizing that these beautiful creatures deserve the best.

There are so few places that can help large animals. They are much more difficult to adopt out than a cat or a dog. They are much more expensive to care for, to feed, to seek medical attention for, and there are very, very few grants available to help. That's why our organization relies completely on you to make sure these precious lives can be saved, and why this holiday appeal is being sent to you. We know we can not do this without your help. We know that without your faith in us and belief that these lives are worth it, that we would close our doors. So this holiday season we are asking you to once again put your faith in us and help us to continue to always be there for them and to always be able to take in and save one more life.

We CAN change the world. We see every day how much kindness matters, and how much giving back can make a difference.

They always arrive here the same way. Their eyes hollow. Timid. Frightened. Scared. Many have completely given up. To each one we say the same thing. We stroke their faces, we look them in the eyes and we promise them that they will NEVER be hungry again. Will never be mistreated again and that their troubles in this life are over. That from this day forward they will know only kindness. Compassion. Full bellies. Friendship. Care...and love. And each day we watch them transform. We watch the light come back into their eyes. We hear their nickers as we greet them each morning and we watch them roll in the green grass and groom each other in the fields.

None of the people at Equine Rescue take a salary. 100% of your donation goes DIRECTLY to helping horses and saving lives.

We appreciate your past support and ask that you continue to support us in the coming year. We are facing some funding challenges and as usual it is one of our biggest worries for the coming year. Your help is what keeps us going.
Please consider a donation today. It is fully tax deductible.

We want to also thank you for the cards, emails, notes, telephone calls, pictures, FaceBook and twitter posts, and other expressions of your support and affection. We read them all and they have made a tremendous impact on us.

From our families to yours, and from our equine family to yours, we wish you a joyful holiday season and look forward to a 2015 where we can show more victims of cruelty that there IS kindness in the world.

Thank you for BEING that kindness.

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