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4:21 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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Mother Nature Kicking Butt
February 18, 2015

Mother Nature Kicking Our Butts!
Not Nice Mother Nature!

Wow. Can you believe this winter? It's been brutal.

We're still out there all day in this cold weather because no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, we have almost 40 horses here to care for, feed, and clean up after each day. Brrrrr. Plus winter brings additional issues for horses and we have to be even more vigil and alert to illness or signs of problems (especially with the older horses in our care).

We'll gladly bundle up and work all day though because we know the life we are providing for these guys and gals is something they wouldn't have had otherwise ... and most of them came from such horrible conditions that we're determined to make sure their lives are nothing but wonderful from here on in.

For example - that's Maize on the left. Jumping for joy (at least SOMEONE is happy about the snow!). Maize was one of the emaciated horses you saw in pictures earlier this year. Look at her now. Makes us feel good to see this sort of thing, and I know it must do the same for all of you.

But we could use a little help. We know you get inundated with requests from many charities, but I have to tell you we're getting crushed over here. We took in so many malnourished horses in this year that we need to blanket almost everyone. Some need double blanketing. We're breaking hoof picks like crazy as we chip ice out of hooves each morning and we can't put a bucket of water in a stall without it freezing within a few hours. HELP!!

We need hoof picks, heated flat-backed water buckets, tank de-icers and donations to our fund to raise money to buy more horse blankets.

We've included links to everything we need below to make it as easy as we can for you to help us out. Show us a little love, will ya? It's been a really tough couple of months. We sure can't wait for spring!

Mail any items to: Equine Rescue, Inc, 188 Dunthorn Dr., Bloomingburg NY 12721

We are also entered into a local contest where the winner could get $3500! Please consider voting for us, once a day every day through March 6. It's such an easy way to help us panerai replica watches
Click on this link and vote for EQUINE RESCUE INC every day!!

We thank you all for your support.

We really do appreciate any help you can give us!

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