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4:42 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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June 19, 2009 Update     [Suzi and Whiskey News]
June 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

Today, word was received from ADA Tanya Beamer that the case against Keum H. Lee involving the abuse of two horses, Suzi and Whiskey, has been turned over to the District Attorney's Felony Unit for review. This is wonderful news! Prior to the input of each and every one of you, this case was going forward--despite the terrible suffering inflicted on Suzi and Whiskey--as one count of misdemeanor abuse.

As a direct result of public demand for justice, Case 09050723 will, on Wednesday, June 24, be presented to the presiding judge with the request that a thirty day extension be granted. During this time, the DA's Felony Unit will review the evidence, and do further investigation. Should it be deemed appropriate, the DA's office will then present all evidence to a Grand Jury. If the Grand Jury deems the evidence sufficient, a felony charge will then be brought against Keum H. Lee for the abuse of Suzi and Whiskey, and she will go to trial for the felony abuse charge.

We are continuing to press for all of the points brought to bear in our original plea for help:

• that the correct felony charges be brought against Keum H. Lee for her willful and extreme neglect and abuse;
• that Keum H. Lee be charged on separate counts for the abuse inflicted on two different animals;
• that Keum H. Lee NOT be allowed to receive these animals back under ANY circumstances;
• that Keum H. Lee be required to pay for all related veterinary care provided;
• that Keum H. Lee be refused the right to care for any animals as long as she lives in the state of New York.

We feel it is particularly important that a strong showing be made at the Wednesday rally, when Keum Lee will come before the court and the request for a 30 day extension will be submitted to the judge. The stronger the turnout for Suzi and Whiskey, the more seriously this case will be viewed by both the DA's office, and the court--so please, attend if you can. The battle is far from over; rather, the battle has only now begun.

Again, we can't thank you enough for taking the time and effort to stand up for these animals, and for justice: it was you who made the difference. Sadly, we can never take away the agony Suzi suffered, and still suffers, nor change what has already happened to either horse, but we can stand up and demand the person responsible be punished, and we can stand up and demand animals will, never again, suffer at her hands. We can demand justice. We have. We roared, and someone listened.

Thank you so much for your outrage. Thank you so much for speaking out about justice for pain, and punishment for suffering. Thank you for letting our legal system know that what an animal is forced to bear, at the hands of humans, is real, and terrible, and must, in a just society, be punished. Thank you for making the suffering of these horses more than just another cry in a darkness where no one ever seems to listen, and no one cares.

You cared. Thank you, so much, for standing up beside us, for Suzi, and for Whisk.

Linda Brink
Director, Sunnyskies Bird & Animal Sanctuary
Warwick, NY