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4:01 pm | Monday | March 25, 2019  
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July 25, 2009 Update     [Suzi and Whiskey News]
July 25, 2009

Dear Friends,

Here is an update on what is happening in the case of Suzi and Whiskey.


Over two weeks ago, the DA's Felony Unit concluded their investigation of the case against Keum H. Lee and recommended a felony abuse charge be brought against her for the cruelties inflicted upon Suzi, a horse seized from her care in April of this year. In addition, the misdemeanor abuse charge for her neglect of the other horse in this case, Whiskey, formerly dropped, has now been reinstated.

A re-examination of this case, and a review of appropriate charges to be brought against Lee--these are things that have happened as a direct result of your phone calls, letters, and faxes. Thank you so much for seeking justice for these two horses--who have documentably suffered so greatly over the last year. Your direct involvement--your expressed outrage at the suffering these animals were forced to endure--is what made the difference between a shrug directed at Keum Lee, by the justice system, and a knockout punch in the face.


As is the protocol when felony charges are recommended, a Grand Jury was convened, and the evidence was produced to indict Keum Lee, and possibly her husband, for felony and misdemeanor animal abuse. However, before the grand jury could retire to render a verdict, Lee asserted her right, via her lawyer, to testify on her own behalf. A second date, this past Thursday, July 23, was scheduled at which time Lee would speak to the Grand Jury. On that day, however, she claimed illness, and so a resolution of the charges has been delayed yet another week. The ADA has, at this time, made it quite clear: no more delays will be tolerated.

And so, we wait. Another week.


As all these human things have been following their convoluted path, Suzi has continued to heal in the truly loving hands of Lynda and Mike Broas of Equine Rescue Inc. and under the continued attentions of Dr. Rachael Fiske of Pine Bush Equine. Though her prognosis remains guarded, Suzi is doing so much better than in previous months. The terrible damage of the infection remains, but the infection itself is not, at this time, continuing to spread. In addition, treatment for ulcers, a frequent side effect of equine stress and starvation, has given this dear horse a new lease on life as far as comfort is concerned. Both Suzi and Whiskey are, to all appearances, finally enjoying life.

Thank you so much, Lynda and Mike, and Dr. Fiske. Thank you for caring so deeply, from the very start, for these two animals in need, and for fighting so hard for both their lives. And for fighting for justice for the worth of their lives.

The life of every animal is precious. Thanks to each one of you for recognizing that one simple fact, replicas de relojes and standing up for it. Animals cannot stand up and speak for themselves; they can only, so often, quietly endure their pain.

Thank you so much for caring.

Linda Brink
Director, Sunnyskies Bird & Animal Sanctuary
Warwick, NY